The Anglo-German Law Society is saddened by the outcome of yesterday's British EU Referendum. The EU may not be a beloved institution and is in serious need of reform; however, it also stands for a strong bond between European nations that fought each other over centuries. It offers so many of us opportunities that our grandparents wouldn't have dared to dream of. Today marks a new beginning in European politics. Over the next 2 or more years legal procedures will take place that are yet unknown to us. The Anglo-German Law Society will try to cover these changes on a continuous basis and inform its members about the ongoing 'Brexit' progress.

It is our aim to foster Anglo-German legal relations and offer a platform to discuss and develop ideas for the future of the United Kingdom, Germany and Europe as a whole. From today on, it appears to us that it is more important than ever to look out for what brings us together than to emphasise what tears us apart. 

The Anglo-German law degrees at UCL and King's College London must continue to exist. The AGLS will support the courses with all its available resources so they continue to offer a unique platform for young Anglo-German lawyers.